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Submittal Requirements


                                                                                                         A Publication of the IMA Nashville chapter

Submittal Requirements

All articles and information must be received by the dates below to be included in Music City Notes; the IMA Nashville Chapter’s monthly newsletter. The newsletter will be posted on the website at the beginning of the month.

June 2015Fri., May 29
IMA National Conference Preview
July 2015Fri., June 26IMA National Conference Results
August 2015Fri., July 31
EMV Payment Chip Card Technology
September 2015Fri., Aug 28Navigation Conflict
October 2015Fri., Sept 25
Ethics & Business Management
November 2015Fri., Oct 30
Asset Valuations
December 2015Fri., Nov 20Budgeting & Forecasting
January 2016Fri., Dec 18
Taxes - What's new for 2016
February 2016Fri., Jan 29Fraud
March 2016Fri., Feb 26Business Intelligence - Big Data
April 2016Fri., Mar 25Leadership
May 2016Fri., Apr 29Communication
June 2016Fri., May 27
IMA National Conference Preview


Please send submissions and questions to:

Denise Dennis